Precious Moments: Memorial Rooms

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Precious Moments: Memorial Rooms

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Sunday, 29th July 2012

Tim Ryan Memorial Room is considered one of the most touching rooms in the Chapel complex. This special room is created to honor Sam's long-time friend, Tim Ryan.

This room is dedicated to everyone who has lost a loved one. When I entered the room, I found memorial books that contain moving memories and dedications from the visitors who contributed their stories about losing someone dear.

I didn't miss the opportunity in share my story on how I coped up and what inspired me to see that life is still beautiful.

PM Chapel
Contributing my story to Tim Ryan's memorial book.
PM Chapel
Contributing my story to Tim Ryan's memorial book.



PM Chapel
Philip's Room
PM Chapel
Mural on Philip's Room

Another room that I visited is the memorial space for Philip, who died as an adult in a 1990 highway accident.  I appreciated the artist for putting up this room as tribute and memory of his son. Sam created a mural that moves every guest who gazed on the painting for it was a personal description of his son. The mural represents heaven with a sign “Welcome Home, Philip”. There's an empty bed circled by Philip’s family members. Those who stand on the left side of the bed are Philip's wife and their children. On the other end are Philip's parents and his siblings. The record found on the floor is Philip's favorite song "What A Wonderful World." The little moose on the left is Philip's childhood's imaginary friend who always got the blame for any naughtiness done. Beside the little mouse is a jar full of marbles where Philip used to collect. Then a picture of the ambulance right above his mother's head which is an admiration Philip's service as a medic in the Army. There are some things that had been added by Sam over the years in the painting such as the globe and a bowl of salad. At the Chapel grounds, Philip's statue can also be seen as part of Sam's tribute to this son.

I'm sure some people may find these rooms depressing, but it is actually comforting to me. I got teary-eyed whenever I found something at the Chapel that relates to my story and my experiences, but it was the healing cry.


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