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Rafting Grand Canyon

Our group had landed a prime campsite just across the Colorado River from Deer Creek Fall, and we weren’t about to let a little rain dampen our spirits. The rain continued as I spread my tarp, assembled my cot and looked skyward for relief. While the sun was still buried in dark clouds, a patch of blue growing on the western horizon gave me hope. As the blue sky approached, I could see that the sun would soon be released and that we—and, more importantly, the falling rain—would be bathed sunlight. Rafting Grand Canyon provides a totally new perspective on this iconic national park, and sometimes something magic happens...
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Bisti Wilderness Area

The Bisti Wilderness is located approximately 35 miles south of the city of Farmington along New Mexico State Road 371. It’s a part of the larger Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness, which is administered by the Bureau of Land Management. The entire wilderness lies within the San Juan Basin...
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Behind The Shot: Vernal Pool

Carrizo Plain National Monument is a large grassland plain located on the southeastern edge of San Luis Obispo County in California. The prominent features of the plain are Soda Lake, an alkali lake that, depending on rainfall, can vary greatly in size, and Painted Rock, which is a large rock alcove adorned by pictographs created by local Native American peoples over thousands of years. Mountains rimming the plain have been created by the activity of the San Andreas Fault, which runs through the park. When the conditions are right, for a brief period of time during the spring, the plain is transformed into an almost endless carpet of a variety of wildflowers. At this time, small wetlands form on the plain and are known as vernal pools. These harsh alkali pools are home to rare plants and animals, including the longhorn fairy shrimp, an endangered species...
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