If Only (2004)


It takes a tragedy to teach the young businessman Ian to put love ahead of work and open up to his musician girlfriend Samantha.

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This movie brought me some realizations in life. I only watched it once, but the impact was enough to move me and appreciate the people who loves me truly.

Saw this movie in Ayala Center Cebu cinema almost 10 years back and it was my first time seeing a film without any companion (without my best friend, without my officemates, without a boyfriend). Not a typical me, but I did. Well, I was supposed to watch it with a date, somehow I ended it watching alone. That day was one of our lover's quarrels. A very gloomy day. I arrived at the cinema, feeling uneasy, hurt, and sad.

I was already crying watching the first part where the man tries to save the woman from losing her. At this point, I kept on thinking how I wish my boyfriend saw these scenes. But towards the ending, there's a twist! Gosh, I even cried more and felt guilty. I came out with red eyes and like Rudolph's the red nose reindeer.

We ended up settled our misunderstanding. I had no choice but to share him my experience of being alone and it was a milestone for me. Had to tell him the lessons I've learned and my realizations - show love to people while you can and let them feel that they are loved.

For more information, see imdb. If Only (2004) Poster courtesy from imdb.com

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