Walking Dead Stars Live in Singapore

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  • Published on: 11-Jan-2014
  • Posted by: @lm!ng

Walking Dead Stars Live in Singapore

New year, new hope and new adventures! One of the most awaited event at the start of 2014 was meeting the stars of the famous Walking Dead TV series - Rick and Daryl. How did I know they are coming? I was just trying a contest from Starhub and was unsure if my entry got accepted.

On 9th Dec 2013, I received an email from Starhub entitled "WIN a pair of invites to The Walking Dead Live with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus!". The contest was opened for Starhub TV customers and they were giving away 50 pairs of ticket to catch Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus at The Walking Dead Live event on 11th Jan 2014. To win, I was asked to answer this question and submit together with my contact details.

What is the one question you would ask Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus if you met them at The Walking Dead Live?

And my reply was this:

If given the chance to meet Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, this would be my question: Do you also get nightmares after watching the show, thinking how the characters can survive, who will be saved or who will be next victim of the walkers?

A day before Christmas Eve got a mail telling that I won a pair of tickets. What a lovely Christmas present! The marketing executive informed me about the event location, time and she was also kind enough to update me that there will be a special opening event at 11:15 am. I was so excited and immediately informed Hubby to block the date!

11th Jan 2014 (Saturday) the event came, woke up early and headed to the venue at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore Airlines Theatre (Basement 1) as early as 10:30 am. We went to the basement for registration and got freebies: 2 pillows from Fox Movies Premium. On the ground floor, we noticed there's a long queue encircling the activity/game area. Later I reckoned that the two Walking Dead stars will be playing a shooting game in the said area. While waiting, students from LASALLE College of the Arts were portraying like walkers around the game area, scaring the audience and keeping the crowd busy. While we were preoccupied taking pictures of the zombies.

All were so excited then these two handsome guys arrived and people were calling their screen names: Rick! Daryl! I was one of them shouting out their names. :) The game was hosted by Adrian Pang and they were supposed to start the shooting game after a short intro and right after explaining the game mechanics. But the two guys were too busy making high five's to their fans, making selfies and hanging out with them. Norman Reedus (Daryl) was the crowd favorite while Andrew Lincoln (Rick) was a bit shy and reserved type.

I am very proud to say I was lucky enough to get a selfie with Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and you'll see my proof in the galleries on top. Did a short conversation with Andrew as well telling him "Send my regards to Carl" and he replied "I will." Enjoyed the time while the stars were shooting the cutout zombies made of cardboards and it was a fun game! Happy to see all the pictures we have taken.

After the game, we proceeded to the basement for the Meet n Greet session where you will get the chance to ask these Walking Dead stars. During their interview, I noticed Andrew Lincoln covered his ears, bowed his head and shut his eyes whenever clips from the Walking Dead episodes were played and even the host saw it. He explained that he don't watch those episodes after filming because he doesn't want to compare himself by thinking that he could have done better or more on that scene. While Norman Reedus, he was happy to share that he watched those episodes with this son. Andrew grew up in the UK started as a stage actor while Norman grew up in the US and was first discovered at a party in Los Angeles.

The interview ended and my day would not be complete without a selfie with Daryl. So glad I did! I tried to squeeze myself through the crowd just to get a chance. Viola got my selfie with Daryl. Hurry see my pic!

At home, while we were too busy checking our photos, the Walking Dead actors were on the headlines in most of the local news portals.  What a surprised when I saw my face captured in most of those pictures. :)

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